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Silver Lake Boys Ice Hockey

Silver Lake topples Middleboro/Hull in first round of state 3-1 tournament 

Over the course of an exciting, if tight-checking game, Hull/Middleboro never did figure out how to get many shots on net, while three middle period scores were all the 21st-seeded Lakers needed to clinch the upset.


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Silver Lake falls short in second round against Bourne,6-4 


What you can expect:

We believe that Silver Lake Regional High School offers the best opportunity for a young man to grow as a hockey player and as a person. At Silver Lake, we provide our players with an exceptional and rewarding hockey experience. Not only are SL hockey players given the chance to play for a high quality hockey program with a proud tradition, but they will also experience considerable personal growth and character development in their four years playing for the Lakers. We do not just try to develop hockey players. We strive to develop outstanding Young Men and prepare them for life after high school and hockey.

At Silver Lake High School our players are mentored not just on the ice but off by a staff of caring coaches with years of coaching experience and that have competed at the Junior and College levels. Coaches that take pride in teaching the game.  Laker practices are similar to those run by high end prep schools and college programs. Players are taught high level defensive and offensive systems equal to those run by prep schools and junior programs. The coaching staff also utilizes video and coaching software to review games with the players regularly.  The Laker Pre-season, in-season, and off-season conditioning program offers our players the opportunity to take part in a structured strength and conditioning program at an state of the art weight room.  In order to be a better hockey player you must be able to put in the time in the gym.  Being Bigger, Faster, Stronger is always a goal at the Lake. If you make the choice to play at Silver Lake, there is no doubt that you will reach your full potential as a player.

Coaches Commitment To The Student Athlete

Our Coaching Staff at Silver Lake High School have three distinct goals for our student/athletes:

1. We want to help you receive a great education.

2. We want to help you develop your game for the next level of hockey.

3. We want to help you prepare you for life after school and hockey.

The Silver Lake High School hockey program is special and to us as coaches our students have our dedication and commitment to developing them into young men of high character.  Our Coaches genuinely care about our players as people, not just student athletes.

We have adopted a set of beliefs here at Silver Lake that we as a coaching staff feel that can help you reach your goals.  We call them The Four Ds:

1. Determination

2. Desire

3. Dedication

4. Discipline

Why Stay At The Lake?

Prep Schools

At Silver Lake Regional High School you will have access to the same high standard of education experiences without the overwhelming costs and still be in the same position as the student/athlete who attended a private school.  Take advantage of the opportunity to play four years with your home town high school and then take your next step, be it prep school or junior hockey.  You will get the help you need here at SL to achieve your goals.  Besides this is the Cheapest hockey you will ever play in your life.

There is no need to rush into prep school and there is no reason why you cannot have a successful high school career at Silver Lake.  Some players consider prep school if they have run out of competition at the high school level.  If a player has several more years of high school ahead of them and you are satisfied with your academic program, then you most likely should hold off on prep school.  Staying here at Silver Lake will help you to develop skills that will benefit you in a prep school career down the road, should you choose to pursue one.  Keep in mind, unless you are completely dominating the high school ranks, then you most likely still have something to prove here in high school.  (Win a title)
Junior Hockey

Currently many of the junior hockey programs are selecting a majority of 18-to-20 year olds for their Junior ‘A’ teams.  (Look at their rosters)  Leaving high school before you are a senior means that you will likely find yourself playing on an lower tier team or ‘B’ team.  These levels do not represent the highest level of junior hockey in New England.  There should be no rush to play juniors; play your four years and develop your game in high school.  There would be nothing like winning a Patriot League title or state title at Silver Lake surrounded by your family, friends, and community.  At Silver Lake we have the coaching staff to help you along, with staff members who’ve coached and played at the junior and private school levels.

Junior hockey is undoubtedly a great opportunity for meeting your goal of playing college hockey after graduating high school.  However there is no reason to rush into junior hockey; it will be there when you graduate.  The opportunity to play with the guys you have grown up with and in your community will not always be there.  You have only four short years!
Take a Look at the College Ranks

By looking at college hockey rosters and talking to many hockey coaches who coach at the collegiate level; one can see the typical player they are pursuing is between the ages of 19 and 21.  Success at the collegiate level is all about the effort that you put into your game; on and off the ice.  Here at Silver Lake we want to help you take the next step in your hockey future

The feeling of playing in front of family, friends and community is unmatched in high school hockey.  There is nothing like a packed house with your community behind you and playing with the kids you grew up with.  Creating memories that will last a life time.  Playing for your hometown school and carrying on a tradition is priceless.  Being dedicated to your hometown high school, teammates, and community is something special.  High School hockey is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.  It is about being a member of a team for the benefit of your team, school, and community.  Playing hockey to gain personal advantage or rushing to a for profit team to presumably get in line for the next level team are hollow dreams.  The real marrow of life comes in proper personal development and spirited competition; high school hockey in Massachusetts will provide that experience.